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MozambiqueTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Agriculture And Food. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Mozambique Government Tenders sites.Subscriber can view and download unlimited number of public tenders, published by various agencies of Mozambique Government in Agriculture And Food Sector.

Static Safety Maputo Province

MZT Ref No.:  102714108

Deadline:  11 Jul 2024

Provision of Personnel Transport Service (ETAS)

MZT Ref No.:  102714107

Deadline:  01 Jul 2024

Supply of Foodstuffs and Hygiene Material

MZT Ref No.:  102714106

Deadline:  01 Jul 2024

Acquisition of Office Supplies and IT Consumables

MZT Ref No.:  102714105

Deadline:  02 Jul 2024

Provision of Calibration Services for Electromechanical Equipment

MZT Ref No.:  102714104

Deadline:  28 Jun 2024

Acquisition of Piping Material

MZT Ref No.:  102714102

Deadline:  28 Jun 2024

Acquisition of Metalworking Material

MZT Ref No.:  102714100

Deadline:  01 Jul 2024

Acquisition of Plumbing Material and Accessories

MZT Ref No.:  102714099

Deadline:  01 Jul 2024

Provision of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

MZT Ref No.:  102714098

Deadline:  28 Jun 2024

Acquisition of Personal Protective Equipment

MZT Ref No.:  102714097

Deadline:  28 Jun 2024

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